8 August 2007

Barcelone 2007


{BARCELONA, Summer 2007} This was my first trip, and definitely not my last. A city of nighthawks (we began dinner each night at 22h00 !!), where you quickly realise that one week will never be enough to see & do everything you want.

My lasting impression… youth, inventive architecture, vibrant colour and most of all culinary delights! Travel books are great, but I am like a beagle searching for the perfect scent, that will lead me to the undiscovered!

A helping hand is always welcomed, which I found when leafing through the July issue of ‘ELLE à table’, whose featured city of the month was none other than BARCELONA!!! With ‘ELLE’ as my bible we explored many of the suggestions, enriching our trip and taking us to areas that we might otherwise have missed. So here is my current list of favourites and others places I found en route:


  • Bubo: Caputxes 10, Metro Jaume 1 (patisserie & café beside, wonderful little cakes & macaroons)
  • Cacao Sampaka: Consell de Cent 292, Metro Passeig de Gràcia (created by the brother of Ferra Adrian chef of El Bulli – try the Aztek hot chocolate (thick & not too sweet which I love) and their sugar sprinkled brioche
  • Caelum: c/ De La  Palla 8, Metro Jaume 1, Liceu (Tel 93 302 69 93) (traditional monastery temptations ie turron)
  • Cerveseria Catalana: Mallorca 236 (Tel 93 216 03 68) TAPAS Bar near metro Diagonal and Passeig de Gracia avenue, this is truely the BEST / don’t bother going anywhere else / packed with locals (always a good sign). Reservation needed if you don’t want to wait 1h!
  • La Colmena: plaça de l’Angel 12 (Tel 93 315 13 56) PASTRIES (A favourite patisserie & bonboneria – lovely polvorones + turron)
  • Demasré: Princesa 28, Metro Jaume 1 (trendy cookie boutique, handmade, sweet & savoury)
  • E&A Gispert ‘Mestres Torradors 1851’: Sombrerers 23, Metro Jaume 1 (Epicerie / Delicatessen, wonderful roasted nuts – try PINE NUTS)
  • Escriba: Rambla 83, Metro Catalunya (patisserie & café, historic building, wonderful pastries)
  • Granja M. Viader: d’Ex Xuclà 4-6, Metro Catalunya, Liceu (Tel 93 318 34 86) (traditional creamery, wonderful petit déjuner (breakfast) ie ‘la Suis’ thick hot chocolate with fresh homemade whip CREAM, and lovely eucalyptus honey pots to buy)
  • La Manual Alpargatera: Avinyo 7, Metro Liceu (Tel 93 310 01 72) (traditional, quaint espadrilles shop, colours + styles)
  • Hôtel 1898: Rambla 109, Metro Catalunya (lovely with pool, view, central location)
  • Patisseria Turro: Plave Sagrada Familia 3, a 2 minute walk from the church if you are needing a snack the tortilla is great
  • St. Josep Market: a must see, Merto Catalunya, opens at 8h00, don’t miss the fresh juices (la pitahaya or strawberry & coconut, pineapple & kiwi)
  • Tomo II: c/ Vic 2 (Tel 93 217 31 92) Wonderful ICE CREAM ‘gelateria artisanal’ – Italy you have competition! (open 13h-23h00) Try the tulip!
  • La Venta: Place Dr. Andreu (Reservation needed : Tel 93 212 64 55 ) wonderful view of the city, great fish, or try the aubergine raviolis + crème catalane – little blue tram will take you up to the restaurant (last one at 20h00 !!)

NOTE: for ‘la tarde’ in Barcelona, where the shops often close at midday – sometimes until 16h00, but then are open till 20h, it is best to check their opening hours if you are unsure of your plan for the day. Also many shops are closed on Mondays, I found this out the hard way!

2 Responses to “BARCELONA”

  1. joey Says:

    I love this city! I have been to some of the places you have mentioned…and some I have yet to visit…more reason to go back! 🙂 I have a recommendation of my own: Txacolin – a tapas bar in the El Borne area…authentic, the type you have to stand at the bar and grab at what you want…delicious tapas 🙂

  2. Erika (SWEET PEA) Says:

    Hi Joey,
    thanks for leaving a message 🙂 I have taken note of Txacolin for my next trip…. I think recommendations are essential, as we tried another trendy looking tapas bar our last night and were disappointed. I love the thin grilled asparagus with sea salt at Cerveseria Catalana! Look forward to reading you blog.

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