4 March 2008

Yogurt La Chaumière Verbier

I was in Verbier skiing this past weekend – and as a foodies and bonne vivante, my trip would not have been complete without the ever wonderful, and not to be rushed delicatessen, bakery, and fromagerie tour. In my travels I came across a crèmerie located at the centre of town in a little chalet style shop called La Chaumière. It is here that they sell traditional regional delicacies including breads, caramels, jams / preserves, a wide selection of cheeses and a variety of national & international wines to accompany them.

Yogurt detail

However what is perhaps their piece de résistance, a gourmandise (little temptation) truly not to be missed is the hand-made yoghurts they make on-site. Made only from natural local products, of full fat milk, cream and natural flavours (ie hand crushed hazelnuts, fruits, or vanilla bean), they are thick and velvety and taste more like a desert than a yoghurt. Even the natural yoghurt on its own is delicious, to be accompanied with or without a little honey or jam.

 They currently do not have a website but can be found at the following address: Place Centrale, 1936 Verbier, Switzerland

The Milk Bar chalet style restaurant located just above La Chaumière serves wonderful breakfast including their famous yoghurt. While the products they sell are not inexpensive the quality is exceptional and if you are in the region I would say they are both well worth a visit.



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