EL OLIVIO Restaurant, Deia

24 September 2008


***Restaurant Recommendation***

I am physically back from my honeymoon, but I fear my heart & soul are still sitting on the sunny balcony of our room at La Residencia, a lovely hotel in Mallorca’s hillside village – Deia.

The trip from start to finish was perfect, lovely accommodation, impeccable service, breath taking views, the sea, lush hills and a little stone village. Then there was relaxing by the pool, a day at the spa, yoga classes, various day trips to local towns & cities including Palma – a general return to earth after the bussling busy weeks leading up to the wedding.

However as this is a food blog, and for those of you who have been reading along – there may be the occasional story, a trip down memory lane or a brief wander off the beaten track…. however I always find my way back to the essential – my stomach. And I tell you nothing was to prepare me for the pièce de résistance of culinary delights that was awaiting us on this island at the El Olivio RESTAURANT….

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El Olivio– La Residencia Hotel, Deia (Mallorca)

You walk into the restaurant, your first impression is that of understated elegance – the room is in fact a refurbished 16th century olive press, complete with the original press subtly incorporated into the decor.

You sit down at a candle lit table – the service is personal but not overbearing. There is a fine menu to select from, one where you have difficulty choosing between dishes as everything looks delicious. I have a weakness for fish, as does my husband (it gives me a little tingle to say that word), so I chose the scallops to start followed by the turbot, and he had the prawns (shrimp) and dorade.

El Olivio’s website boasts that they take “the art of dining to yet another level: the seduction of the palate”. The cynics out there will scoff and say – yes well, where have we heard this line before??? However for once it is true. I am living proof.

All the dishes we ordered were of superb quality, presentation & taste, but out of these what really turned my head was the Scallop ravioli, stuffed with prawn quinoa, in a Noilly Prat sauce.

The first surprise comes when they place the dish on your table, and a little alarm bell goes off in your head …  “what is this…. I ordered ravioli and this is a shell!” A large white shell in fact, one that is tightly closed with a thick rim of pastry, hiding its contents within. Before you had time to enquire, the plate is whisked away to be prepared. Upon its return, the shell had been opened to reveal a group of small plump scallops, that had been gently steamed to perfection in a light Noilly Prat (Vermouth) sauce, speckled with slivers of white truffles and spring onions.

I have never eaten anything so delicate before – that envelops your senses, then melts in your mouth. All the flavours harmoniously working together, while complimenting the tender flesh & taste of the scallops. I have not quite recovered, nor do I wish to. All I desire is to return in the very near future to eat at this little restaurant, tucked into the hills of Mallorca.

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