HOLLAND – Rotterdam, Amsterdam trip

16 December 2008



ROAD TRIP – ok that’s not 100% true as I took a plane, so it’s PLANE trip…  and that just doesn’t have the same ring now does it. Oh well.  

Point being, I went to visit my brother in Holland this past weekend. Didn’t really know what to expect – outside the lovely architecture, Dutch paintings & Amsterdam’s claims to fame (wacky tabcky & the dancing shows…) But I was really there to see him so the rest was just details.  

Despite being warned that Holland was not one of the top 10 ten gastronomic heavens of this world,  (there was mention of much frying, mayonnaise & starchy carbs ), I still managed to followed my stomach around like a blood hound on the scent…

dutch-french-fries dutch-cheese dutch-stroopwaffles1

The mayonnaise was no deterrent – it has been my ketchup since I was little. And on hot crispy hand made french fries, who could say no.

The cheese was also spectacular. Though the service was a little brisk, and my request for only 200 grams promptly ignored – & replaced by a large DUTCH SLICE = 1/2 a kilo… The taste and choice was wonderful.

But the real diamond in the rough was the STROOPWAFFLES  If you haven’t tried these yet, you are in for a real treat. This is a cookie made of two thin vanilla waffles, with a thick sweet gold caramel in between. They are served hot in the Rotterdam Saturday farmers market, in small, medium or large sizes. It can be argues that they are surprisingly even better when left to cool!

One Response to “HOLLAND – Rotterdam, Amsterdam trip”

  1. happygrub Says:

    The wafer looks HUGE and very yummy!

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