28 August 2009


Leek & Bacon Tart


When I told Olivier I was gong to post this recipe for leek and bacon tart he said, ‘oh the  Flammekueche‘…. ‘Oh the what ??? ‘ Cheeky man throwing out fancy words. But he did peak my intersest and so off I went to find out more. As it turns out the word Flammekueche roughly translates to ‘baked in the flames’ and is a traditional Alsatian dish, made with a thin pizza like bread, covered with crème fraîche, garnished with small bacon slices(lardons) and onions, then baked in the oven.

I happened to have some leeks, a packet of lardons and some puff pastry on hand, not to mention something of an appetite. Now it is all very well and good  to want to make everything yourself, however when it comes to puff pastry, I fear I fold like a cheap deck of cards for the ready-made, store bought variety. Guilty your honour! Futzing around with dough and layers of butter in this summer heat is not my idea of a good time. However if it is yours, do not let me stop you, in fact I take my hat off to you!

This recipes is meals in minutes and is perfect for those nights when you look in the fridge and think ‘what the heck am I going to cook tonight’. You can also cut it into bite-size pieces and serve them as canapés.

Leek & Bacon Flammekueche

  • 3 small leeks
  • 100g lardons  (bacon cut into small pieces)
  • 5 tablespoons full fat cream
  • Ground nutmeg
  • Ground pepper
  • 240g puff pastry

sp-cutting-leeks sp-leek-detail


  1. Take the pastry out of the fridge and bring to room temperature while preparing the leeks and lardons
  2. Cut the leeks half and wash. Then cut into small pieces (see image)
  3. In a non-stick skillet (frying pan) on medium heat fry the lardons until just cooked. Set aside keeping the bacon fat in the pan.
  4. Put the pan back on the heat and add the leeks, cook until just tender but still a bright green. Remove from the heat. Add the cooked lardons and stir.
  5. Pre-heat the oven to 220°C (430°F) convection heat.
  6. Roll out the pastry, drawing a thin line with the tip of a sharp knife around the edge of the pastry, 1cm from the edge.
  7. Evenly spread the cream on the pastry, stopping at the knife line
  8. Generously sprinkle with nutmeg and pepper
  9. Evenly spread the leeks and lardons over the cream.
  10. Cook for 25 minutes.

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