Ash Cloud

10 May 2010

I realise that I have been MIA (Missing In Action) from the blog lately, but like so many I have the ash cloud to thank for that. I was stranded in England at my Aunt and Uncle’s house for 2.5 weeks and despite me being the guest who would never leave…  it was a wonderful silver lining to the whole airline drama and one that landed me back in the kitchen…

I made Country Pork Pate with Kip (I think we will soon have a Kip’s Corner, after the Garibaldi success and fig jam…) and then there was ginger biscuits baking with my aunt. When I finally got back home I had to remove a nasty virus from my computer (another week down the drain) and am only now back online.

This is all to say that new recipes are on the way, as is an interview I did with wonderful cake maker Silvia Felix of Cuddles Cakes.


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