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The creative culinary juices started flowing a few years ago while I was living in London. Working late and doing night school – I discovered that a sense of relief could be found in the kitchen….

It was here that I enjoyed experimenting with new recipes. Needless to say my colleagues turned guinea pigs were thrilled! I found myself looking forward to these little projects and thinking more and more about food and cooking in general – a family trait I started to recognize in myself. Growing up in a British / Canadian  family, where both parents thrive in the kitchen, a grandfather who planned his next meal before finishing the one in front of him, and a restauranteur for a great grandfather – the apple was not falling far from the tree.

I now live in Switzerland, surrounded by the influences of French and Italian cooking, not to mention the wonderful fresh food markets and cheese stalls, which naturally entice my taste buds. With my recipe pile of clipping, notes and books mounting, as well as my growing enthusiasm to share with friends and family, I felt what better thing could I do than start a blog!


11 Responses to “About”

  1. Kristan Says:

    Hello all the way from Vancouver, which I would hope to claim as one of the epicenteres for culinary delights in Canada. Of course we are focused on fresh seafood, that being Wild Sockeye Salmon, Dungenes Crab, and of course oysters. British Columbia also boasts fresh vegetables from the Okanagan valley. The peaches, cherrys, asparagus, and apples are to die for. I have been focused on Indian and Meditteranean dishes lately, and have some good material to pass over.
    This is a great idea for a blog, and I am very excited to share some kitchen secrets!

  2. Marjorie Says:

    This is a wonderful endeavour. I have already tried the caviar of aubergine and loved it. It has a smooth texture and a subtle taste of aubergine with a hint of garlic. We loved it on toasted rounds of french bread with a dash of olive oil.
    Today, I read all about fairy tea cakes – this is a lovely twist on the original version and the recipe sounds delicious. The description makes you want to rush out, purchase the ingredients and start making them – in time to have “tea for two”! I can hardly wait to taste them.

  3. 101things Says:

    Liking the blog very much. You certainly know your sweet stuff!

  4. Erika (SWEET PEA) Says:

    Just realised that lately I had been posting many sweet recipes (plan to make cookies tonight I tell you there is nothing stopping me!) But will be soon adding more savour recipes. Will keep in touch 🙂

  5. Nat Says:

    I loved it, you will become Vincent’s best friend!
    xxx Nat

  6. I was trilled to see find your blog thru a comment that you made on 101cookbooks were you mentioned you are in Geneva. I have really gotten into whole food cooking, and live in a village close to Basel, also French and German border instead of French and Italian ;-). Since I have two young daughters, I am cooking a lot of sweet recipes too – I started baking mostly myself because one of my girls has some food sensitivities. She is starting to grow out of her problems, but I will keep my baking going! I have also started recording my favorites, in dutch though, as that is my native tongue. Keep going!

    • Hi Aletta,
      Thank you for leaving such a nice comment. I just returned from Basel today! How lucky you are to live in such a nice part of Switzerland.
      What type of food sensitivities does your daughter have? Baking yourself is a great soluation as you can control the choice of ingredients you include in recipes.
      My current Dutch connection is my brother, who is living in Rotterdam – so I started the DUTCH SERIRES on the blog, perhaps you have seen it?

      It is nice to meet a fellow food blogger living in Switzerland, please do keep in touch, will be nice to exchange tips & recipes.
      Have a great weekend

  7. Hello Erika,

    I am very happy to find your blog, I aslo live in switzerland, in Fribourg, and since i arrived here (I am lebanese) I didn’t find a job yet, and I don’t know how to cook, so I am learning to do it from your recipes to surprise my husband. I love the pictures as well…

    Thank you and Keep going ! It’s great…

    • Hi Rana,
      thanks for your comment and welcome to Switzerland. How long have you been living in Fribourg?
      What a great idea to learn to cook and surprise your husband with delicious dishes. I will help in any way I can.
      Just drop me a comment if you have any question.
      Hope you are enjoying the snow 🙂

  8. Katya Says:

    Hi Erika!

    Your blog is great! I’m sure it will be grater with the photos! 🙂

    P.S. Couldn’t found you in facebook, waiting for you to add me 🙂

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