Greens Beans, Hazelnut & Orange Salad

1 September 2010

Green Beans Hazelnut Orange Salad

Greens Beans, Hazelnut & Orange Salad

I recently discovered a new type of green bean, the Purple Queen Bush Bean. In actual fact its outer skin is an aubergine colour which turns to a deep shade of green when cooked. Magic!

You could use these for this recipe but I only had normal green beans (French beans) on had, which work just as well. Toasting the hazelnuts removes their slightly bitter taste and allows you to rub off part of the skin, exposing the nut below. The orange is a nice contrast to the nuts and sweetness of the beans.

The original recipe is from the Ottolenghi cookbook. I adapted it as snow peas (mangetout) are often difficult to find here and I try, when possible, to buy local produce.

ERIKA ALLISTON – Green Beans Hazelnut Orange Salad Recipe

  • 450 g green (French) beans
  • 100 g whole hazelnuts
  • 1 garlic clove crushed
  • 1/2 skin of an orange
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon nut oil (hazelnut or almond)*
  • salt & pepper

*Use olive oil here if nut oil is not available

  1. Hazelnuts: Pre heat the oven to 180°C / 375°F. Spread on a baking sheet and toast for 15 minutes, turning them after 7 minutes. Let cool, rub to remove part of the skins & then lightly chop, set aside
  2. Green beans: Boil a large pot of water, cook the beans at a boil for 7 minutes.  Then immediately place beans in very COLD water.**
  3. Orange zest: Using a citrus peeler, remove the 1/2 the zest from an orange, avoiding the bitter white part. Or use a vegetable peeler, in which case you will need to slice the pieces into thin strips.
  4. In a large bowl toss the green beans, toasted hazelnuts, orange zest, garlic, salt & pepper.

**This will keep the beans green and crunchy


4 Responses to “Greens Beans, Hazelnut & Orange Salad”

  1. Marjorie Says:

    Green beans are for sale everywhere and we love them but have not heard of the Purple Queen Bush Bean – neat name.
    Love your twist adding hazelnuts and orange which enhances them even more when being served.
    Love seeing more great photos – very real! M

  2. dmmfoodie Says:

    I love finding recipes for veggies and sides that seem more “special” and dressed up for the holidays – but still are reasonably healthy. This looks like it would be a great substitute for ol’ mushy, green bean casserole with the crunchy fried onion rings on top.

    As much as some of us want to be cool foodies and act like we’re a little above all those unhealthy traditions – let’s be honest. That dish still appears on most Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner tables for a reason: it “sells.” People scoop it up and eat it and the casserole dish is empty after dinner. Not so much when healthy, colorful choices like this are offered.

    Over the last few years I’ve found delicious, reasonably healthy ways to do carrots, sweet potatoes and a green salad that really is special and yummy. Now I just wish these choices would catch on as fast as my Cornbread Dressing with Red Apples.

  3. Recipe Chefs Says:

    I love food, and I really enjoy reading your blog very much thank you for sharing this post.

    Check out this Delicious Strawberry Cake Recipe

  4. Foodie Fanatic Says:

    oh YUM!!!!! this reminds me – what do you think of that new show Extreme Chef that’s coming up like next week?? cool concept for cooking competition right?!

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